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About us

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HINDUSTAN TRACKERS is a web based vehicle and personal tracking system, which uses GPS with GSM/GPRS to track your vehicles real time location, direction, security and safety of your loved ones.

It allows you to monitor your drivers and vehicles with assurance and confidence.

Our GPS tracking system with acts as your Private Business Radar, allowing you to track & trace your vehicles while sitting at your desk.

Since 2010, HINDUSTAN TRACKERS is operating providing you low cost mobile phone tracking software named GPSTag (Android app) and device based GPS tracking services, both for business and home users.

We provide GPS devices for the personnel vehicles and transportation companies which is giving them further peace of mind and security.

Our vision is to provide low-cost and simple to use applications for every men that enable the tracking of any number of targets wherever and whenever the user chooses. Our technology is currently being used for:

GPS vehicle tracking.

Marketing/sales employees tracker.

Personal tracking.

Parent/child communication.

Transportation companies.

GPS Solutions.

Web based live tracking.

Theft protection.

Web based live tracking.

Use secure web-based application for operation.

Choose from multiple maps.

View location & driving details of vehicles every 30 seconds.

View street-level picture of vehicle when desired.

Ability to view of vehicles on screen you desire.

Auto-updates map without refresh.

Geo fencing.